199 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA

Degraded staff regularly in front of customers

We have had Bernard’s several times in the past in their old location, mostly via take-out. The service was always “gruff” but not critical. The new location is very nice in appearance.

We actually had lunch at Legal Seafood a week ago and decided to see if Bernard’s was open yet? When we entered to take a quick look at the new location, we were met by a man asking us how many? When we explained we were regulars at their former location and wanted a quick look. He gave us a dirty look, didn’t even acknowledge we were regulars at their old spot and walked away from us, as if we were not welcome. We thought it was odd, but decided to try it the following weekend. Only after Legal Seafood was mobbed and a long waiting line.

What a disaster!! We sat at the bar. Our server was Paula who was absolutely excellent and efficient, which is what they need working the bar where there is more interaction with their customers. We thought the food was excellent….but the way they treated their staff in front of customers was outrageous and filled with Communist China practices! We saw the staff criticized openly at least 1/2 dozen times, and you could see it on Paula and a new (non Chinese) bartender’s faces as well. It completely turned us off, almost upsetting us!

They will NOT last long with those practices, especially with a large bar service, which they did not have at the old location. There are several restaurants in the outdoor shopping area (which is quite nice!). I doubt Paula will be there long as they are almost resentful to her pleasant and engaging service, it appears they prefer a stone face and no pleasantries!!

I doubt we will return. If we are in the area, we will likely go to Legal, The Cottage, Davio’s, the shake shack etc.

BUYER BEWARE! The good food is not worth watching people being belittled!

Fu Chow Fried Rice

Food was good, but soured by communist like treatment of staff who were already performing with excellence!

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