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Sentosa Asian Restaurant and Bakery

 107 Lake Street
Kirkland, WA

miserably awful shaved ice

It was worse than miserable. For $6.50, I got the worst shaved ice ever. I feel so robbed.

The restaurant is very fancy looking with the main restaurant on the left and a bakery section with a small seating area on the right. Looking for a quick recharger, I went to the bakery for some shaved ice that they advertised on their window.

After the shaved ice disaster (details below), I have no intentions of coming back here. I just have no faith in their food. What restaurant in the right mind could possibly serve kidney and pinto beans in sugared milk and pass that off as shaved ice?! Not only that, it was expensive (for shaved ice)! I just hope they aren’t passing off other disasters as ‘fine asian food.’

Horrible kidney and pinto bean shaved ice - Shaved Ice with Red Beans, Lychee, and Sweet Condensed Milk at Sentosa Asian Restaurant and Bakery

Shaved Ice with Red Beans, Lychee, and Sweet Condensed Milk

I ordered a bowl of shaved ice with red beans, lychee, and sweet condensed milk. That’s a super standard shaved ice order.

After a fairly long wait, my bowl of shaved ice came with kidney beans, PINTO BEANS, and freshly peeled lychees swimming in a bowl of milk with sugar. No red beans. No sweet condensed milk. PINTO BEANS?! KIDNEY BEANS?! The lychees were the only things redeeming about the shaved ice as they were freshly peeled. It tasted awful. It was salty, beany, and melting in watery milk. I could totally understand if a restaurant was out of certain ingredients. I would expect them to let me know instead of using bad substitutions and charging me for them (if they even were substitutions). This mishap is as bad as a restaurant serving mashed stale bread to a customer who ordered mashed potatoes.

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