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  • Jul 2008
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Loco Coco's Tacos

 36 Walker St
Kittery, ME

Once Was Enough

This Is my 1st time writing a review on anything but felt this experience had to be shared. They say if you have nothing good to say….but my intestinal distress right now is telling me to speak up.
I’ve wanted to try this place for a while. every one says how great it is, including several friends from So Cal… And reading other reviews it looks like a lot of folks around here love this place.finally went with a large group of friends. That was the 1st mistake. Any more than 4 in your party and good luck getting decent service. We had 12. I think waitresses drew straws to see which would have to serve us.
I thought the poor girl who drew the short straw was going to come unglued. Bringing our drink orders was a bit overwhelming and the 1st in a series of errors occurred. Everyone ended up drinking what they she bought. Even if it wasn’t what they thought they ordered.
We ordered (yes ordered) chips and salsa. Big mistake. Yeah they were still dripping with grease, which is usually a good sign that you are getting good fresh chips. However, they were thick and over cooked and came with a weak salsa that seemed to be nothing but onions and tomatoes.
Then the meals. Personally I a big fan of combos… a little of this and a little of that. None on the menu. I was torn between Chile Relleno (cheese only, as it should be)and something to satisfy my carnivorous habits. I ordered the Enchiladas Verdes. You get a choice of chicken or cheese. No beef. No pork. Chicken or cheese. I dont do sour cream or guac, so I asked for them on the side as I usually do so that others that like those items can have mine. I was assured that they are always on the side with all orders. Perfect. Well in theory, but in practice they were all mixed in. I’m talking like right down there in the sauce. No raking it off the top of the lettuce. Mixed in. To save peace and because the waitress was busy correcting other orders that came out wrong (vegetarian quesadilla full of pork for one) I reluctantly ate what I was served. Never once was I or any one else in our party asked how everything was. Not even when the half finished plate of enchiladas was removed from my presence.
I wish I would have tried a burrito. None of them appealed to me. California burrito? French fries in a burrito? Those in our group who ordered burritos received large and generous sized bombs wrapped in what looked to be a fresh tortilla. The taco salads looked huge too.
The tomatillo salsa from the salsa bar was pretty good with a nice kick. And to be fair the waitress was pretty good with the refills.
I really wanted to be able to rave about this place. Sorry…no can do. There isn’t much for good Mexican food around here. For now I still declare Ixtapa (at the mall) the best Mex around.

Enchiladas Verdes

Asked for sour cream and guacamole on the side. Came mixed in. Could only eat half. The chicken was a bit dry and fluffy despite being flooded in so much watery green sauce that it overflowed the plate. The corn tortillas were a bit gummy.

Chips and salsa

Thick and over cooked. You could break a tooth. Chunky but bland salsa. Save your money.

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