McMenamin's Tavern

 7170 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA

worst service I have ever seen

Although most of the food was very good I have never seen service as poor as this. They had one bartender and two waitstaff for a place that was packed. Half of our order came out totally wrong. I mean, nothing like what we ordered. It was plopped down on our table and the waiter left before we had a chance to tell him this was not our order. It took quite some time to get someone’s attention. Our food was taken back and presumably given to the correct diners after it sat at our table for close to five minutes. We then got our food but no one ever stopped by to ask if it was okay. The burger that my girlfriend ordered did not have the fried onions on it which she had requested and there was the smallest amount of lettuce on the bun that I have ever seen. Since I didn’t care that much I gave her my lettuce. Then the check was left on our table as the waitress rushed off. It was not our order and it was not the order which we had originally been given. Now, all this time there was a couple a few tables from us who had been there when we walked in. We had finished our meal and they sat there with empty glasses and no food the whole time. From what I heard it appeared that the same waitress had left a check for them even though they had never received their food. We waited around for ten more minutes out of curiosity. They were much more patient than I ever would have been. One of them finally got the attention of the bartender who went back to the kitchen to see what was going on. It took another ten minutes for them to get their food. We just sat there laughing at the total incompetence. Thank god the game was on so we could watch it while we waited for everything.
Now, while we were waiting for all this there was ANOTHER table that also got the wrong check.
How can a business continue with such awful service???

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