315 S College Mall Rd
Bloomington, IN

Fast food for full meal price. Bad food

I went there with my mom and ordered spaghetti and meatball meal, and she got an entree with water. It cost me $17.09 and I got a greasy slice of pizza that no human should ever eat. The pizza is their way of tricking me into adding onto an already full meal. The bottom of the pizza was soaking wet with fat, and the crust was soggy on all sides. On top of that, the drinks were all watery. I told the lady working there and she just walked away never to return. I basically paid full price for a fast food meal. I was so mad we just walked out and left the stuff on the table for the employee to clean up.
It has been 3-4 years since my last visit. Back then, we would have paid around $10-12 for the exact same meals. This was a horrible experience for us, and I would rather die then be patron to an establishment as crappy as this. Perhaps lunch is better, but I will never eat at Fazoli’s again.

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