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Moo Dae Po II

 3014 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA


Moo Dae Po II is a unique visual experience. The enormous space is divided by glass and offers a different feel than any other Korean BBQ that I’ve seen. Music videos are blasting on screens through out the restaurant with multi-colored lights sprayed all over as it gives off a club-like vibe. The giant window in front keeps you connected to the street and the outside world unlike other K-BQ’s. The kimchee was disappointing and very watered down which gave me a sense that I might be in for a tough night. The banchan began the redemption process as it was fresh, flavorful and varied. The spicy pork was well-seasoned with a balanced quality and texture. Finally, the top sirloin was beautifully marbled which set-up it’s tenderness and juciyness. Most K-BQ’s are perfect for people looking to eat low or no carb meals but this one certainly added a generous amont of flavor to the dinner. Also, ---— had something on the table I

had never seen before. The buzzar to summon the server had three options on it: Call, Water or Bill. They knew what to bring with them to your table depending on what you pushed.



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