Cha Am

 1543 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA

Tasty, inexpensive Thai food

It had been 4-5 years since I last ate at Cha Am, with only a vague recollection that I enjoyed the food. Well, I went back last night with a group of 8 and it looks like my memory served me correctly.

Food: While there’s nothing special about the dishes (i.e. if you’ve eaten thai, then you’ve seen the dishes before), they were all tasty. I love it when the food all comes out within 5 minutes of each other, since it allows everyone to start eating at once!

The dishes ranged in size: the yellow curry was in a small boat-shaped dish, which was only enough for about 5-6 people to each get a healthy portion. The noodles and shrimp/vegetable dishes came out on plates bigger than our dinner plates, so it was enough for the whole group + some seconds. All in all, it was good thai food.

Service: nothing grand, nothing lacking. It was a Sunday night, so a bit slower than they usually are on Fri/Sat (as I recall).

Price: Fairly inexpensive. We ordered an appetizer, 7 of us had a Sing-ha (beer), and each of us ordered a main dish. Total was just under $150…including tax/tip, which is ~$18 bucks each. Not a bad deal to have that many dishes.

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