Golden China

 7715 Georgia Ave Nw
Washington, DC

No understanding

I ordered from Golden China for the first time the delivery time was alright, but I was not happy with my overall order. I ordered the General Tao and the chicken pieces were a little crispy and I could not believe there were only 2 broccoli heads in the whole meal, are you serious!!!! I’m thinking I’ll have some broccoli to eat and here are 2 little heads that’s it. I also had an order of chicken wings as well and to my demise there were no napkins in the bag. I called the carryout in reference to this and the lady told me “THEY DON’T PUT NAPKINS IN DELIVERIES” are you serious. I couldn’t believe she said this and then had the nerve to tell me I should have napkins at home. Ok, I know I’m probably taking it over board but it’s principal and then for her to tell me I should have my own. Golden China only if I have no other options!!

L 12. General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special

chicken too crispy sausce to gooey and sweet

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