Blue Claw Seafood & Crab Eatery

 4494 Burlington Pike
Oceanport, NJ

No frill GREAT crabs

I am a fussy seafood person.I grew up at the Jersey shore (STOP teh show references!) and caught my own crabs for many years. I am usually underwhelmed by places that are supposed to be “Crab Joints”. Blue Claw is the exception to the rule. It’s a very casual, bring your own place with brown paper table covers. The staff work hard and move fast. It is a lively family place with lots of action but no so much that you cant hold a nice dinner conversation. They carry Atlantic Blue Crabs, Pacific Blue Crabs, Snow, King and Dungess crabs. There are a variety of other seafood dishes, Shrimp scallops tiliapia, salmon, flounder, clams. and pasta. It is a great place to go and enjoy great seafood in your jeans and not break the bank.

Pacific/Mexican Blue Crabs

These crabs were the best I have ever had hands down. While they prepare them several ways, we elected to just have them steamed with Old Bay. My wife dipped hers in butter, I dipped in mine the hot dry rub. The crabs were cooked perfectly and very tender, moist and succulent. The first bite took me back to my days as a kid in the 70’s. The side of cole slaw was very tasty fresh and crispy.

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