Blue Claw Seafood & Crab Eatery

 4494 Burlington Pike
Oceanport, NJ

No frill GREAT crabs

I am a fussy seafood person.I grew up at the Jersey shore (STOP teh show references!) and caught my own crabs for many years. I am usually underwhelmed by places that are supposed to be “Crab Joints”. Blue Claw is the exception to the rule. It’s a very casual, bring your own place with brown paper table covers. The staff work hard and move fast. It is a lively family place with lots of action but no so much that you cant hold a nice dinner conversation. They carry Atlantic Blue Crabs, Pacific Blue Crabs, Snow, King and Dungess crabs. There are a variety of other seafood dishes, Shrimp scallops tiliapia, salmon, flounder, clams. and pasta. It is a great place to go and enjoy great seafood in your jeans and not break the bank.

Pacific/Mexican Blue Crabs

These crabs were the best I have ever had hands down. While they prepare them several ways, we elected to just have them steamed with Old Bay. My wife dipped hers in butter, I dipped in mine the hot dry rub. The crabs were cooked perfectly and very tender, moist and succulent. The first bite took me back to my days as a kid in the 70’s. The side of cole slaw was very tasty fresh and crispy.



 619 Collings Ave
Oaklyn, NJ

A local Gem

We dine out often and have tried most restuarants in the area. We started with the spring rolls which were nicely prepared but a tad pricey at $11. Entree 1 was the small plate of house made fettucine with wild muchrooms and porcini sauce at $12. It was NOT a small plate, I could not finish the entire portion. My wife got the ribeye with blackbird mac and cheese and merlot sauce. Also a very nice meal. The meat was prepared perfectly, medium and very tender and nicely seasoned. Even at $28 we felt it was well worth it and much better than compared to the famous steak place just down the road on route 130…

Fettucine and ribeye

See above


Simply Soups & A Little More

 317 East Atlantic Avenue
Audubon, NJ

Not so hot.

We walked in on a rainy day at lunch time recently. It was a good soup day. We looked around first to see where the odor of kerosene was coming from, which was a large heater in the corner that wasn’t even operating. Boxes were piled 6 feet high next to the cooler box in full view of the dining room. The table closest to the counter was cluttered paperwork, newspapers, cups and jackets. The counter was as cluttered and dingy looking as most of the interior. I wanted to walk out, but our friends had highly recommended this place so we got take out. The prices are a little steep but we figured good soup was worth it. I am sorry to say this wasn’t good soup at all. The service wasn’t bad per se but they weren’t overly friendly or glad to learn that I was our first time there and we came because friends recommended it. We’re not sure if we want to go back for a 2nd chance, most diners make better soup for a better price

Italian Wedding Soup

We ordered 2 pints of the Italian wedding soup. Once we got home, there was grease all over the outside of the container soaking through the cardboard lid. After I skimmed off the oil slick of fat and poured it into the pot to re-heat it, I saw there were no pasta pearls or orzo in the soup but rather egg whites. There were not many meatballs at all especially considering the price. The soup was very bland and did not really have decent amount of escarole or carrots either. So considering the ingredients were lacking, that explains why the soup was bland. It tasted more like egg drop soup with some ingredients thrown in. It also seemed like the soup had not been cooked enough either. Perhaps they didn’t start by making chicken soup first then using the broth to make wedding soup. Or, the chicken base was just very weak. Given the small amount of meat I was really curious as to why there was an oil slick on top of the container.

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