Mesquite Tree Restaurant

 Arizona 92
Sierra Vista, AZ

very disappointing

this place is really bad. we ordered prime rib and got some kind of super tough stewing beef instead. the “horseradish” sauce that came with it had no flavor, no zing and some kind horrible imitation sour cream in it. the bread cold, wet and mushy. it was not quiet—boom box music being played loudly—obviously for the employees—not for the patrons. we ordered the calamari appetizer; it came cold. sent it back. what they gave us was not calamari. it was some kind of a frozen nightmare they found from some cheap food supplier. for $70,we feel robbed—but even for $20 i’d never go back.


no taste, cold

prime rib

this was not prime rib, it was lousy—i came for a t-bone and was told they don’t serve them anymore because there were no “good quality” t-bones available anymore

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