Pizza Hut

 1508 York Rd
Lutherville, MD

extremely bad

Worst experience EVER.Ive been a pizza hut customer for over 10 years but they definitely lost me today.1 h 20 for delivery to my pregnant me.I was starving and so was my 6 year old who had just come back from school.The operator tried to put the blame on me. She said that I placed the order at 5 25 pm. What she didnt know is that I had called 10 mn earlier and someone else hat told me that my order was wrongly dispatched 40 minutes after I called. So I repeated that to her amd that s when she apologized.I m not even talking about the male chauvinist driver who barely listened to me,told me to give him the food if i didnt want it, belittled me and looked at my husband and said’’ I wanna talk to the man!’’ OOOhhhh really? It is truly outrageous that pizza hut hires people like that. No aknoledgement, no apologies ans certainly never tried to make it up.I am so frustrated.There is too much competition nowadays.I am ready to open my eyes and give a chance to other pizza restaurants



obviously it was cold
I also had ordered chocolate dunkers. But I am not an over demanding person. If it wasnt for the driver’s attitude, I would have still accepted the order

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