1171 Sussex Tpke
Randolph, NJ

1 Star is The Lowest? Shucks!!!

Spetember 21, 2007 I travel for a living, a saleswoman by trade. First let it be said that I hate chain restaurants so when I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is ask for local mum n’ pop places in the area. I was told of Margot in Randolph by a clerk who had eaten there several months ago. Apparently, something must have changed because the rave review I got at the front desk of my hotel could not have been more off base. When I entered the EMPTY restaurant I thought how trendy/ cool it looked. A page out of Manhatten I thought, but where were all of the people? After eating my undercooked Tilapia (which I seriously doubt was Tilapia!) and my overcooked calamari I was thoroughly dissapointed. Someone did a good job decorating and obviously spent a great deal of time on the menu but I think they forgot the most important part. You have to actually be able to pull off what your menu promises! Terrible, terrible, terrible. When I was driving back to my hotel I saw where all of the people were by the way. They were at a small place right down the road called Rosies. The next time I am in New Jersey I will have to try that place because it was packed. When I got back to my hotel I was agin greeted by the front desk guy who asked me how my meal was. After telling him the horror story he felt terrible. He said that he had a short rib when he was there and it was “awesome”. He also said it was busy then too. Well, I told him that I think they must have changed owners then because this was just not that place! If you think that I am being a bit cady I am not. When traveling you want as close to a good homecooked meal as you can find and when you don’t get it you feel further away from home than ever. SO, thanks Margot ( if that is a person) yo left me unwhelmed and hungry for home!

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