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M Grill

 3832 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Favorite All-You-Can-Eat BbQ

It’s my favorite all-you-can-eat-BbQ, beats all those junky korean places and even Fogo de Chao.

it’s a stylish intimate location with ample free parking in the back. unexpectedly located in the center of ktown (western/ wilshire) but serving the most succulent, flavorful meat for an all-you-can-eat. plus, great service. If you tell them your favorite, it’ll be promptly brought out.

I recommend the garlic beef & polish sausage. The bacon-wrapped filet mignon is a bit tough for me. Oddly, it’s been such at every visit.

the salad bar is above average, and has all your veggie cravings. they have a cold & hot selection. i load up on the pico de gallo, try a little of the mashed yucca and fried bananas. but i’d advise you to stick with the churrasco

at least once, order the guarana soda (pricey redbull alternative at $3/ can) and get your unlimited helping of those cheese puff/breads. Mm

Garlic RIce

it’s plain white rice (non-sticky) with a hint of garlic seasoning. located in the hot selection

Mashed Yucca

just try it out of curiousity… a sweeter, stickier mashed potato

Fried Banana

plain, battered with yucca powder (?) and fried


Salad Bar, Hot section, & Churrasco (meat rotation)

Garlic Steak

i am a self-proclaimed garlic fiend. but this is soft, garlicy, and melts in your mouth


top sirloin cap… a bit too dry but rare for me (odd, huh?)

chicken thigh

this is one of the best chicken out there


soft, perfect with pico de gallo

Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon

only served th, fri, sat… sadly, it’s dry! =(

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hey troJane! i got to check out mochilato, and it was alright. can’t say i’m a big fan of their gelato or mochilato (at their prices), but it was still fun to check out. thx again for the review! =)

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