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I like burgers, chicken dishes (like at Claim Jumpers!), quality chinese food, breakfast, and … pretty much everything. I eat almost any quality of food, but i will not eat taro.


CUCINA enoteca

 31 Fortune Dr.,suite 306
Irvine, CA

A great addition to the Irvine Spectrum

We tried this place out for OC Restaurant week and it was the highlight of the week. They offer a very diverse menu and the decorations are intricate and pleasing to the eye. To start off, there are two types of appetizers: Italian and bread spreads. Yes, there is a whole portion of the menu with different spreads for your bread, such as Pate, pear jam, or burrata. It sounded so good we had to add it on top of our pricy restaurant week menu (what good Italian place isn’t expensive though?). The pate was rich and tasty, but not being a huge pate person, I could only eat so much of it. My girlfriend loved it through.

The appetizer of beet salad and ricotta gnudi were above average. The gnudi in particular was insanely rich, so I expect most people would eat one and be done (I ate 2.5 of course). The main course was as expected for nice Italian: the pappardelle was executed well (as most places that offer pappardelle). The mushroom/truffle pizza was not mindblowing, but very different than normal pizzas; I sort of wish we got the fried egg on top but we had so much food already.

Dessert, though, was Amazing, capital A. The zeppole was a perfect crispiness and sweetness, added on with a bit of orange peel on top. Imagine a very fancy, creme filled, churro ball. Good, right? The budino was similar to a fudgy pudding, as it had a soft and semi-viscous consistency. The bits of chocolate in it added a lot of the texture and gave more for your mouth to do with.

Overall, the restaurant had excellent food and service. I would go back to try more spreads and dessert.

Ricotta Gnudi

A ball of rich ricotta cheese that smothers your mouth. The outside has a doughy texture which is just enough to complement the creamy cheese. If you like cheese, this is perfect. You may not eat all of them since it is so rich.

Beet + Ricotta Salad

The beets added a nice flavor to go with the salad.

Foraged Mushroom Pizza

The truffle oil adds a nice complement to the pizza.

Short Rib Pappardelle

Plenty of meat and noodles. No complaints about the dish but didn’t wow me as much as the other foods. Very solid.


A perfect dessert. It’s small but that’s to help you from overeating it. Fried ball covered in cinnamon/sugar, orange peel, and stuffed with vnailla cream and dulce de leche. Can’t lose!

Bittersweet Chocalate Budino

The chocolate pieces in the pudding-like texture was the topper for a great dessert.

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Wow, you got the Empire Building at a real steal. :)



see if you didn’t use your camera case, you’d carry your camera around more :)



dang you went without me! we’re going again after i get back. i usually email pics from my phone, but since you have tmobile you might be able to use a wire to transfer pics.

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