Jimmy John's

 6001 Shady Oak Rd S
Hopkins, MN

Quick, Streamlined Ordering

The food is good, on par with any other gourmet sub sandwich shop. I do wish they gave you the option of wheat bread, but they only do white bread. While I dislike this, it does streamline the ordering process, there only being one type of bread for the sub sandwiches. Just like they advertise, the sandwiches are very quickly made, even so, I usually try to go at times that aren’t in the very heart of the lunch or dinner rush. I always get the vegetarian sub, and it’s quite good, the sprouts and avocado spread make a big difference.

This location’s parking can be a bit tricky when it’s busy, but there’s always parking available, it just isn’t always right next to Jimmy John’s. Also, getting in and out of the area where Jimmy John’s is, can be a little tricky too, as there are only one-ways on both sides, and sometimes it can be difficult to see when cars come around the corner.

Are you hungry now? Do you want food now?
Jimmy John’s will fit the bill.

#6 Vegetarian

The tomatoes, cheese, mayo, avacado spread, all come together and make this a pretty decent sub. Also, in my opinion, the size is perfect, not too small (6"), not too big (12") – I believe it’s about 8" long.

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