Jimmy John's

 6001 Shady Oak Rd S
Hopkins, MN

Quick, Streamlined Ordering

The food is good, on par with any other gourmet sub sandwich shop. I do wish they gave you the option of wheat bread, but they only do white bread. While I dislike this, it does streamline the ordering process, there only being one type of bread for the sub sandwiches. Just like they advertise, the sandwiches are very quickly made, even so, I usually try to go at times that aren’t in the very heart of the lunch or dinner rush. I always get the vegetarian sub, and it’s quite good, the sprouts and avocado spread make a big difference.

This location’s parking can be a bit tricky when it’s busy, but there’s always parking available, it just isn’t always right next to Jimmy John’s. Also, getting in and out of the area where Jimmy John’s is, can be a little tricky too, as there are only one-ways on both sides, and sometimes it can be difficult to see when cars come around the corner.

Are you hungry now? Do you want food now?
Jimmy John’s will fit the bill.

#6 Vegetarian

The tomatoes, cheese, mayo, avacado spread, all come together and make this a pretty decent sub. Also, in my opinion, the size is perfect, not too small (6"), not too big (12") – I believe it’s about 8" long.


China Moon

 1025 S Main St
River Falls, WI

Best Chinese Buffet I've Ever Been to!

I love their fried rice and vegetable lo mein, not to mention the sugar-coated donuts. I’ve done the buffet, and I’ve had carry-out (you pay by weight after getting what you want from the buffet). Both are a great value in my opinion. The buffet isn’t huge, but it more than satisfies all of my Chinese food needs and then some. If you come within 20 miles of this place, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.


The Cheesecake Factory

 2715 Southdale Ctr
Edina, MN

Great Cheesecake

The cheesecake is very good, and you’ll see a plethora of options that you can’t see anywhere else. The food is decent, the portions are a bit big for my taste, and the food a bit expensive for Americana. The cheesecake isn’t cheap either, but it’s worth it, and you’ll be hard pressed to find more options, and better quality, elsewhere. I would suggest skipping the meal, and just get the cheesecake, they have a separate area where you can just buy the cheesecake and they’ll box it up for you.


California Pizza Kitchen

 1690 Southdale Ctr
Edina, MN

Decent Pizza, Varied Selection

The pizza was decent, and they have a lot of different options and toppings that you can’t always find elsewhere, but in the end, the pizza is a bit underwhelming. It’s a bit pricey, and the crust, toppings, and sauce just really aren’t that special. It’s probably slightly cheaper to just go to the grocery store and get the same pizza in the frozen section, it’ll probably taste the same, yet be a little cheaper. The ambiance isn’t great, as there are few to no barriers throughout the place, so the sound keeps traveling.


Milio's Sandwiches

 700 W Lake St
Minneapolis, MN

Great Bread, Great Cookies

Milio’s has really, really good bread, and in my opinion, that’s the cornerstone of any sub sandwich. The Vegetarian sub is the one I’ve gotten in the past and really liked. Also, they have really good cookies; they’re large, chewy, and taste like they were actually made instead of taken out of a box and wrapped up (taste more like they came from a bakery, than a box). They deliver, and this location at least, is open pretty late, I believe until 3AM on Friday/Saturday nights, which is great, considering it’s right in the middle of most of the Uptown bars.


Uptown Pizza

 323 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN

Good Pizza, Can Buy by the Slice

The pizza is pretty good, and it’s nice that you can purchase the pizza by the slice if you want, as you can just stop by while you’re in the area and grab a slice or two on the go. The slices are quite large, so I’d say it’s a decent value for the money. Also, the place is open late (fairly common for pizza places, but still worth noting), I believe it closes at 2:30AM on Fridays and Saturdays, which is nice, because there aren’t a lot of food places that are open after bar close.


Scoreboard Bar & Grill

 5765 Sanibel Dr
Minnetonka, MN

Great for Happy Hour

This place is a great place for a happy hour, or to just have a drink or two with friends. They have a nice outdoor patio (two different ones, actually), so for those nice Spring and summer days, you can sip your drink in the shade during a beautiful day. I’m usually in a medium to large size group when I go there, so I’ve never had any issues with service (getting refills, etc.). I’ve never really eaten the food there, I usually just go there for a drink, but the group I’m usually with seems to enjoy the food as well.

Dinner? Maybe. Laid-back drinks? Definitely.


Caribou Coffee

 6001 Shady Oak Road
Hopkins, MN

Not a Coffee Drinker, Yet I Still Like Caribou

Everyone I know just about loves coffee except for me, so from time to time I’ll find myself at Caribou (since they’re so ubiquitous in the Twin Cities), at which time I usually order a smoothie. While they’re not made from fresh, hand-picked fruit, they do taste pretty good (strawberry-banana is probably my favorite). If you want more smoothie options, go to Jamba Juice, but if you find yourself at Caribou and aren’t in the mood for something with coffee in it, this is a pretty decent option.


Einstein Bros. Bagels

 10999 Red Circle Dr
Hopkins, MN

Good Bagels

The bagels are pretty good, I especially like the cinnamon & sugar bagel. The bagels are soft, yet chewy, and always fresh. I don’t drink coffee, but if you don’t like their coffee, you can always walk an extra 50 feet (or less, literally) to caribou to get some. Oddly enough, one of the coolest things they have there (probably not that unique, but I don’t notice it other places), is the bagel slicing machine. They just drop the bagel down a metal chute, and it quickly spits out the bagel cut in half. This way, you can either tell them to have them cut or not, either way, it’ll take about the same amount of time to fulfill your order.


Pairings Food & Wine Market

 6001 Shady Oak Road South
Minnetonka, MN

Good, Great if You Love Wine

The food is decent, but I wasn’t that impressed with the Vegetarian options (too few for instance). I ended up eating a curry, which was decent, maybe a bit spicy for me though. I’m not big on wine, so I can’t attest to that, but if you love wine, they have a separate area to look at all their wine. And as the name suggests, they’ll help you pair a wine with your meal, either the one you’re about to have there, or one you’re going to make yourself another time.

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