Baker's Square - Eden Prairie

 928 Prairie Center Dr
Eden Prairie, MN

Very Good Pie!

They have a large selection of pies (of course, that’s what they’re best known for) that are difficult to compete with. The oreo and chocolate peanutbutter cup pies are amazing. It’s very difficult to find anything quite like them anywhere else. The oreo one has an oreo crust, and the peanutbutter cup one has a graham cracker crust, so if you’re not that into fruit pies and the pie crust, they have at least these two very good, non-fruit pies. I don’t much go for anything besides pie, so I’m mainly basing my review on the pies; they’re food menu doesn’t really impress me, but that really doesn’t matter when you can get a multitude of great pies!


Chalet Pizza

 4316 Shady Oak Rd
Hopkins, MN

Good, Local Pizza

The pizza is pretty good, if you like thin crust, this place is definitely worth a try. The place is small, but you can eat in if you’d like, otherwise carry-out and delivery is available. It’s definitely more along the lines of a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop, which is nice to have a non-chain restaurant around. It is worth noting that they don’t take credit cards (at least at the writing of this review, anyway), so make sure you have some cash, or a personal cheque ready. If you’re all about thick or deep-dish crust, then you may want to take a pass, otherwise, I’d recommend giving this place a try.


Panera Bread

 8332 Hwy 7
St Louis Park, MN

Good, Relatively Healthy Food

I like the food at panera, and the general atmosphere (it’s sorta-fast food, but up a notch or two). I also like how they use real plates and utensils which are of course reused versus single-use cutlery (e.g. plastic). The tomato and basil panini is probably my favorite thing to get, and the bread, since it’s fresh, tastes amazing. Obviously their bread is a big draw since it’s in the name, but they really do deliver in that area. If you’ve never had panera before, I think it’s a unique enough experience to at least give it one try, whether you’re a bread-lover or not.



 1583 1st Ave E
Shakopee, MN

Great Ambiance, Average Food

The atmosphere of this place is really nice, and it’s nestled nicely in some trees right on a pond away from the street or other buildings. The parking is plentiful and easy; however, the food is just average. Their menu didn’t really excite me anyway, it’s mostly just standard Americana. The service was pretty good, the food was hot, but it wasn’t very noteworthy, some of the food could probably use a little more flavor or spice to it (spice, as in spices, not spicy), in my opinion.


Pizza Hut

 257 Marschall Rd
Shakopee, MN

The Weekday Lunch Buffet is the Best!

During the week (Monday – Friday), they have a lunch buffet. It offers breadsticks, pizza, and a salad bar. I’m not one for salads in general, so I can’t speak to that, but the pizza is great. Of course the best part is that you can have one or two slices or several different kind of pizzas, something you can’t normally do at Pizza Hut (short of buying several whole pizzas). Also, they occasionally bring out their dessert pizzas (think thin crust, lightly frosted, with blueberry and other versions), which are very good.

The pizza is what you’d expect of Pizza Hut, heavier, but good; although I think what makes it stand apart the most is the lunch buffet and the dessert pizzas.


Hong Kong Buffet

 1274 Vierling Dr E
Shakopee, MN

Good for a Chinese Buffet

If you enjoy Chinese Restaurant buffets, then I think this place is worth taking a look at. It’s a decently large place, with the buffet broken-up into several sections (instead of one long table), which is kind of nice if you’re looking for a specific item, you don’t have to wait as long. The food is pretty decent, vegetable lo mein is good, and they have a couple decent dessert options, one of which being a sugar-coated donut that’s pretty good. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of your way to try this place, but if you live in the area, I recommend giving it a shot.


Donut Connection

 1037 1st Ave E
Shakopee, MN

Donuts are Quite Good

While I can’t speak to the coffee as I don’t drink the stuff, I can tell you that the donuts are quite good. I understand that this place is a chain restaurant, and you’re not going to get the same feeling as if you walk into your local bakery, but it’s quite difficult to beat the selection and taste of all the donuts here. Of course this place is built for convenience, so if you want, you can use the drive thru here or go inside (inside to order, and eat, if you’d like). The chocolate ringed raised donuts and the chocolate mousse angels are probably my favorite, the latter of the two you can’t really find at any other donut shop or bakery.

Chocolate Angel

Less of a donut, and more of a large powdered-sugar-coated pastry, the Chocolate Angel is very, very good, it’s filled with a rich chocolate mousse filling, and I’ve never come across anything similar at any other donut shop I’ve been to.


El Toro Mexican Restaurant

 1120 1st Avenue East
Shakopee, MN

Good Chips and Salsa, Otherwise Just Ok

This place’s food doesn’t really stand out much, as the tortillas, refried beans, and rice all just taste fairly average. I don’t feel that going to this place is a big improvement over just going to the grocery store and buying tortillas, etc. and making your own Mexican food. I have no complaints about the service or ambiance though. Especially considering Pablo’s is just down the road, I would recommend passing on this place. With so many Mexican food restaurants in the Twin Cities, one can afford to be picky.


Pablo's Mexican Restaurant

 230 Lewis St S
Shakopee, MN

Best Mexican in the South Metro

The food, service, and ambiance here are all very good. The bean burritos and quesadillas are probably my favorite. As most Mexican restaurants do, Pablo’s gives you unlimited salsa and chips, and they’re quite good, the chips taste like they’re made, instead of just dumped out of a bag. Be warned, the place gets very, very busy on the weekends, to plan accordingly; the parking lot is a bit small when it’s really busy, so you may need to park on a side street, but no worries, it’s the suburbs, free parking is everywhere.


Olive Garden

 5235 Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN

Good for what it is

The [unlimited] salad and breadsticks are probably the best part of Olive Garden. The breadsticks are soft and delectable, while the salad, swimming in dressing, is quite good. The main courses are fairly straight forward, no big frills; for instance the fettucine alfredo, while good, is just straight alfredo sauce and noodles. This location is really in St Louis Park (maybe it’s ten feet inside Minneapolis, if that), so the parking is plentiful, easy, and free, which may not be the case with the downtown locations (but that’s really suburbs versus urban issue, not a olive garden issue).

Fettucine Alfredo

Good, maybe I could have asked, but it would probably be better garnished with some broccoli or something; once the noodles are gone, eating the remaining alfredo sauce with the breadsticks is probably my favorite part.

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