2711 N I H 35
Round Rock, TX

Refused service without my personal information

The Chilli’s in South Round Rock refused to serve me sunday April 20th, in person with cash literally in my hand, without providing my phone number and personal information.

If I were placing an order on the phone, if I were placing an order through the web, if I were setting up an account, if I were entering into any business agreement or beginning a long term business relationship with them AT ALL, then it is perfectly appropriate to ask for this kind of information to establish my identity.

I just wanted to buy a hamburger. It upset me to have to prove who I was to do that.

I was ordering food to go, but I was standing in front of him, holding the cash in my hand. He said “Can I have your phone number?” I said, “No thank you, I would like your big bites…” and he said “No, hold on I need your phone number.” I refused again, he explained it was corporate policy I refused again and said “I can’t take your order without your phone number” I said “I don’t think you understand, I am going to take my business elsewhere.” and he said “ok.” So I thanked him and left. I waited a bit, called the store and explained my experience and they said “It is corporate policy, if you don’t like it take it up with them.”

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