Paella Tropical

 16556 Sw 51st Ter
Miami, FL

Terrible service

We’ve used this company (Party Ranch Tropical) once previously and we were very satisfied with their service and the food; therefore, we decided to use them again.
It was a disaster! Just let’s enumerate the issues:
•They promised to arrive 1 hour early to set the tables, etc. When they didn’t show up, I started calling their telephone to no avail. Somebody answered the third time and told me they were on their way, but they arrived past the event time (around 45 minutes), in other words: they arrived almost 2 hours late, when a lot of guests were already present. We had to set the tables, serve as bartenders and bring cheese to accompany the drinks in the meantime.
•We requested serving for 40 and the salad was very short and it was served by them…we were 39 including 2 kids
•The Pre-made Imperial Rice had very little chicken and no ham. On top of this, it was very salty. Apparently they used a lot of artificial flavoring to disguise the absence of chicken and ham.
•They promised the rice was going to be accompanied by sweet plantains but those were absent.
•We asked for two Quesadilla trays and 2 Meatball trays and we saw only one of each.
Don’t fall in the trap!!

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