Old Glory American Bar-B-Que

 3139 M St Nw
Washington, DC

Subpar Food, Great Staff

I have eaten BBQ from all parts of this country and this place ranks amongst the lowest as far as quality and portion. I had the smoked pulled pork on a bun and what I got was a small amount of pork that was filled with fat one large piece of fat and several small ones, on a soggy bun. I could not tell that it was smoked and it had no real taste either. The coleslaw, at least I think that was what I was served, was nothing like anything I had ever had before. The only good portion of my meal was the guda macaroni and cheese and the corn bread muffins that were served when we were seated.

My wife ordered the chicken quesadilla that came out pretty much charcoaled on the outside and was filled more with vegetables than chicken. That’s great if you like the taste of burnt quesadilla.

My 4 year old daughter ordered the cheeseburger and fries. While the cheeseburgers were probably the best of all of our meals, the fries had much to be thought about. They were almost black and tasted as though the grease had not been changed in weeks.

The best part of the meal was our server Sam. She was attentive and returned to our table several times to ask if there was anything that we needed. She asked about the food and I told her that I sometimes judge for BBQ circuits and that this was by far, close to the bottom of any of my rankings. She apologized and asked if she could do anything for us. I told her that all was good and we appreciated her concern but it did not reflect upon her service in any way. We paid our bill knowing that we would never return again.

It might be a great place to have a drink and fun with a group a friends but it is not close to be a quality food establishment.

120. Smoked Pulled Pork On A Bun

smokeless, very fatty, tasteless and a soggy bun.

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