Rino's Pizzeria & Ristorante

 4525 U.S. 130
Burlington Township, NJ

poor customer relations

So my girlfriend and I decided on pizza one night for dinner and the local place we usually go to recently went out of buisiness. We decided to try a new place called Rino’s in Burlington Twp, NJ. From the time we walked in I could tell that the owner was going to be a problem, a fifty some year old with a foughhawk, had toolbag written all over him.

We ordered a large pie with sausage, peppers, and onions. While waiting for our pizza we whitnessed the owner being absolutly ignorant to another customer and his little daughter, asking tor their order and kept walking away before the order was complete multiple times rolling his eyes and sighing.

Our pizza was finished and we left to go home and eat. Got home and opened the box to find puddles of water all over the top of the pizza and the pizza way under cooked. This was unaccepatable so I called to inform them that I would be returning with the pizza and what my complaints were, the girl who aswered was very understanding and apologetic. She asked if I wanted another pizza and I said I would take a large plain pizza this time.

We walk in to Rino’s and you could see the attitude written all over the owners face like he wanted an argument. He asked what the problem was I tolled him and then he proceeded to rip the pizza apart with a shocked look on his face like there was nothing wrong with the pizza. I’m sorry, I just don’t go out of my way to drive a good distance to order and wait for a pizza just to get home and decide I don’t want it, if it even looked remotley good I would have at least tried it but it looked like a swamp on top of the pizza. Oh did I mention they didn’t even offer to cut the price down from what we ordered to the price of a plain large pie? I really wasn’t in the mood for this stand up owner so we ate the difference.

Here"s a tip Mr. personality, thats if you even read your reviews. Peppers and onions hold water and when you put them on a pizza raw and try to have them cook with the pizza they release their water and it ends up, well what you produced, Crap!!!!!

First and last expirence with that place, enter at your own risk and watch for flying attitude on your way in the door.

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