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Shanty Cafe

 350 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, WA

Shanty: Not Just a Name

I am always on the lookout for new breakfast places to try in my nieghborhood, as my options are either too crowded (Pesos) or too inconsistent (Ozzie’s). And I am a man who loves his hash browns, especially when hungover. I had heard good things about the Shanty (or maybe imagined these things…) and so I went there to try it out.

Walking in, it was what I had expected: a small hole in the wall divey diner, a rarity in Seattle. Although it was relatively busy, it was easy to get a table, and the service wasn’t slow. However, flies were buzzing around the place, and let me tell you, thats a quick way to lose your appetite.

The food was a little disappointing. I ordered the Eggs Benedict, which came with hash browns. The eggs were decent, but the hash browns were disappointing. It’s saving grace was that it wasn’t very expensive.

I may have just gotten a rare bad plate of food, but I doubt I will come here again. There are much better places in Lower Queen Anne/Uptown for breakfast or brunch. Really, how hard is it to make good hash browns.

Classic Eggs Benedict

The egg yolks weren’t runny enough in my opinion, and while the nice fat slap of ham on the muffin was nice, it didn’t have a lot of taste. Also, my hashbrowns tasted like they were freezer burned. They appeared to be store bought, and were incredibly dry.

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