Sitar Cuisine of India

 25701 Interstate 45 Ste 12
Spring, TX

Not Worth It

We used to dine at Sitar once a month. We stopped going because they kept jacking up the prices. The food used to be pretty good, and the service was good, but $15 for indian buffet (especially when you are vegan and only a few items on the menu are edible) is too much. Today I had a hankering for Indian food so I decided to give it another try. I should have known better because every time we went in the past, I always ended up saying “That was our last meal at Sitar”. We arrived at 2:15 and were seated for the buffet. After we got our first plate, the hostess told us they are closing at 2:30. By that time it was 2:20. She could have told us that before we got a plate, or even before we were seated. We knew the lunch buffet ended at 2:30 but expected them to leave the food out while we ate and that they would let us enjoy our meal. The food was cold by this time. They must have turned off the steam tables to prepare for closing. We were scraping the bottom of the containers to get whatever food was left. The salad was crisp, but everything else was old. The rice, which was hard as a rock was refilled, but nothing else. After filling our plate, they began tearing down the buffet without warning. At 2:25 the hostess brought our check (I hadn’t had my first bite) and rudely gestured to us to pay now, reminding us again that they close at 2:30. The food was terrible. We were there for less than 30 minutes and were reminded at least 5 times that they were closing. They began to vacuum around us, and kept banging the vacuum into my seat. They should have told us when we arrived that the buffet was closed, old and we only had a few minutes to eat if we chose to stay. They never said a thing. Of the few items I was able to eat, the only dish that was good was the salad, and I ate it plain (the only dressing offered was dairy). In past, I said I wouldn’t go back to Sitar, but it was mostly because the food gave me a tummy ache (I usually eat mostly raw fruits and veggies). Sometimes I get cravings and I go back, hoping things would be better. The food and service used to be much better. Today was most definitely the LAST time. I can compromise a bit on food, but when I am treated as an unwanted guest, and expected to pay for it, well, you don’t have to tell me twice.

lunch buffet

white rice, salad, lentils, garbanzo beans, naan, vegetable fritters.

rice: good, but has ghee, which is from an animal. the first serving I got was rock hard, then they replenished the dish

salad: fresh, crisp field greens with cucumbers and tomatoes. only one dressing offered (yogurt or something). ate it plain. quite good

lentils: cold, tasted a bit scorched

naan: fine

garbanzo beans :overcooked, mushy, cold

fritters: cold, crumbs, greasy, old

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