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Hole In the Wall Deli

 21162 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA

you'll never get tired of eating me

Five stars for the BBQ ribs and chicken, sauce, price, good service, easy parking/access, and no hype.
What? BBQ? Here? This place is in the Trading Post Liquor store. These guys can Q it up with the best of them and they take it seriously. Their sauce is xlnt. It’s not all tangy like Jay Bee’s (not that Jay Bee’s is the marker by which to compare, but people seem to rave about it too much). I just prefer a slightly sweeter tasting sauce. Good quality meats are used and they Q them just right. At lunch time, you will find a line of Toyota Motors and American Honda Motors employees trying to get their lunch on.


Now, I really like the BBQ at this place…it’s not even a restaurant. They just have an excellent BBQ sauce recipe, grill up some nice beef/pork ribs and chicken, and serve it up. I’m glad along with a lot of other faithful followers who enjoy this BBQ. I like this style sweet sauce. It sits perfectly in my mouth. My mouth is watering just writing this…

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