Hong Kong Restaurant

 303 S Main St
Bel Air, MD

Best takeout in Bel Air

The quality and service are excellent. Very prompt, polite, and they do special orders like leaving out the mushrooms in the chicken w/ vegetables.
Even better, they have come out to the car with the carryout when I couldn’t come inside. Always pleasant and delicious.

Wonton Soup

The best Wonton Soup in Bel Air – the broth, lean pork, and dumplings are perfect consistency and color. All others pale by comparison (pardon the pun)

Chicken W/ Vegetables

Lean chicken, good vegetable variety, nothing under or over cooked, rice is perfect, and the sauce balances everything together. You can ask to have specific vegetables excluded, and also to add spice to the sauce (it is not spicy, normally, but I l like it that way).

If you get the combo (best deal), with pork fried rice and egg roll, you get a lot of food. The egg rolls are always fresh, flaky, crispy, and have a good balance of chinese mix (cabbage, peas, carrots, pork or shrimp). The standard mustard and duck sauce are available, as well.

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