El Lucero

 171 S Kraemer Blvd
Brea, CA

Surcharge for Sitting??

I took a friend to eat at El Lucero today. We walked in and were greeted by a server who, standing behind a register asked us “For here or for to go?” I said we’re eating here, and she proceeded to take our orders, and we paid. There were no clean tables so we asked if one could be bussed. She looked at us, annoyed and said “You want to eat HERE?” I told her “Yes, that’s what we said”. She said “No you did not!” I said yes we did, and she repeated “No you did not”. My friend told her that she had heard me request eating in, but to this the server said “we charge more if you eat here”. She cleaned a table and we sat down. After she brought us a TINY bowl of chips and salsa and our food, she gave me a bill for an additional $2.50. When I asked what this was for she said it was for the chips (which we DID not order) and because drink cost more if you dine in. The drinks were in Styrofoam cups that we had to get ourselves. I asked to speak to the owner who repeated this. She finally did not charge us only because we told her we had said Dine In, but their attitude left a bad taste in our mouths and they lost two customers for good!

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