Romi's Fine Dining

 1329 W Rancho Vista Blvd
Palmdale, CA

As good as it gets in the AV!

I have eaten at Romi’s several times and I have to say that it really is as good as it gets! Especially considering it’s located in the Antelope Valley. This area is notorious for only having mediocre chain restaurants or classless hole-in-the-wall places. I was delighted when an actual Fine Dining establishment opened in Palmdale, and I have never been disappointed.

Each of my five visits to Romi’s has been wonderful. The service has been prompt and the staff are friendly and competent. The atmosphere is beautiful and elegant. The prices are reasonable considering the type and quality of the food.

Ah, the food. Everything, from the appetizers to the soups to the entrees and right on through dessert, is top-notch. Perfectly prepared with exquisite attention to detail, every bite is exactly what I would expect from a restaurant in this class. I do have to admit that having ordered the Chicken Courdon Blue twice, it was a bit over-cooked once but the other time it was perfection. I am sure that if I had mentioned this to the waiter it would have been promptly corrected, but as it was still so delicious I didn’t bother.

As much as I love Romi’s entrees, the soups are my favorite part of the experience. Every recipe is unique and the flavor blends are obviously well thought out. One can tell that they are prepared with only the freshest ingredients.

And then there is dessert. The Creme Brulee is amazing, but last night I had the BEST chocolate cake I have ever tasted. Rich and moist, with a layer of what appeared to be chocolate cheesecake embedded between two layers of cake perfection, this was truly as good as cake gets. I fully intend to return to Romi’s soon just to indulge in this delight again!

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