Olive Garden

 1925 E Golf Rd
Schaumburg, IL


DO NOT EAT at this xxxx HOLE restaurant!!!! The TOILETS were unusable. I had to xxxx at the nearby McDonald’s instead. I couldn’t finish my $50 meal halfway through.

This is our WORST Dining experience ever, and we will NEVER go back. I brought the love partner for a special date, but this is NOT the place for romance.

The two men’s toilets were covered with either PUKE or URINE, and they still couldn’t clean them after fifteen minutes, despite multiple requests. Four different employees couldn’t get the job done. I stood directly outside the washroom asking for 15 minutes.

After speaking with multiple managers, both on the phone and onsite, I never got a call back and was never compensated. If they ever did compensate me, I still couldn’t stand to bring the love partner back here. I’d be reliving the experience in the back of my mind each time.

DO NOT EAT HERE!!!! Don’t even try to xxxx here.

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