The Boiling Crab

 742 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA

Served RAW catfish and refused to exchange it!!

Had dinner at the Alhambra location on Main St. last night and ordered the bland oysters, yummy but gritty clams, and the catfish with fries.

Now, there’s a reason catfish is never served as sushi: it’s not meant to be eaten raw!! I’ve posted photos for reference.

My brother and I each had 1 fillet out of 5 and immediately noticed the fish was off and deeply pink. We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it at first, but decided not to risk food poisoning. When we asked the manager, Sao, for a HALF order of shrimp in exchange, we were told that the policy was not to return food simply because customers weren’t satisfied. Uh, did I mention the fish was RAW and so RANCID that my cat would vomit it out?

We were then told that their fish was always prepared this way and that catfish has a smell to it. True, catfish has grassy undertones, but NOT old, fishy ones. The food was left unexchanged.

Felt bad for the servers; not their fault the manager showed such bad judgment and that the company has a policy which endangers public health. I immediately called my credit card company and had the charges reversed. Still suffered through the squirts today.

Bad, raw seafood can have very bad consequences. Save your tummy and AVOID @ ALL COSTS!!

Raw Catfish! Was served this and the manager refused to exchange it! - Fried Catfish at The Boiling Crab

Fried Catfish

RAW, smelly, and gave me the squirts

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