Subs of Ships (CLOSED)

 12624 Washington Ln
Englewood, CO

Subs of Ships - A naval journey to sandwich heaven!

Subs of ships is a whimsical trip to a land where eating sub sandwiches amidst the sails and ropes of seafaring vessels leads you to a xanadu of sandwich bliss. Each sandwich is named after a famous US naval ship (USS Iowa, USS California, etc.) and is made to order and toasted to perfection. The menu is a flat-rate $6 for a 12-inch sub, so it’s a great value, much like the beauty of the high seas. The decor reminds you of boarding for the first time, heading off to war as a young seaman, with dreams of windswept swells and glory in the Pacific theater. Ropes, sails and even the board game Battleship further introduce you to the ocean’s intoxicating dance. Ahoy for Subs of Ships!

USS New Jersey


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