365 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

Love their calzones

Magic pizza is good – we don’t go there that often. I did get a mailing from them where the menu part was blank. I called to let the owner know and he brought me some very delicious baklava. He was very grateful and I was happy to do it. That type of advertising is expensive. They also have Poppers which I love and great calzones. I like the Steak Bomb calzone and my husband likes the chicken parm calzone. They have great fresh salads and are very nice. Again, parking is a bit tricky but they also deliver.


El Azteca Mexican Restaurant

 310 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

I love their food

Ok it is impossible to get their Mansfield phone number from information. I often have to call their No. Attleboro location for the Mansfield number. Once you have the number, the food is great. I love the chicken fundido and their chips and salsa. Give them a try, if you like Mexican they are very good. Good Margaritas too. Much much better than Rancho Chico.


Cheng Du Restaurant

 249 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

Good food

Cheng Du is always good and very consistent. I wish they offered combo plates like Quans but their food is better than Quans. They do offer a lunch buffet which is tasty. Parking can be difficult but not impossible and they of course deliver.


Honey Dew Donuts

 221 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

One pace at this place... slow

Honeydew has good coffee, a menu slightly comparable to Dunkin Donuts and their saving grace is a drive through (which DD does not have in Mansifeld). Unfortunatley you can expect to be in line here for at least fifteen minutes when its busy (or slow). They just have one pace, slow. They are also not friendly and seem annoyed that you are bothering them. But they have a drive through so I guess that is the price you pay.

Coffee - Coffee at Honey Dew Donuts


Dew Drops - Dew Drops at Honey Dew Donuts

Dew Drops

I love their dew drops and so does my son


Their bagels are huge and yummy. You need more than one packet of cream cheese to cover them though.


Gourmet Pizza & Subs

 221 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

You have so many other options - pick them

This restaurant has great pizza. The other items I have had weren’t great, not even good. My biggest issue is that we ordered food for delivery (we have a child to feed btw). We placed the order at 5:30 pm and it arrived at our house at 8:00 pm. It wasn’t hot – it was cold and shrivelled and awful. We called several times while waiting to be told it was on its way. Even the pizza was so cold the cheese had gotten hard with pools of grease on the top. When I called after getting this disgusting food, the owner offered 50% back. I said great please apply it to the credit card I used. He said, “no just tell them I said 50% discount when you call and order again”. I said no, I wanted it on the current order and he said no. That was it for me. There are too many other choices in this town to deal with this. Cousins Pizza has pizza that is just as good and they not only are prompt and friendly – you can order online.


Their pizza is good but given my experience I still would not go back.


Trattoria DI Nonna

 160 N Main St
Mansfield, MA

This restaurant is outstanding

The food and ambiance here are exquisite, as is the service. It is pricey for downtown Mansfield but well worth the price. I have never had a bad meal here and am always impressed by the menu. My husband is an Exec. Chef and we can be somewhat critical, but I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant. I’m always happy, full and satisfied when I leave here. Just a little poorer ;)


Incontro Restaurant and Lounge

 860 W Central St
Franklin, MA

Very good food and ambiance

This restaurant is beautiful. The lounge boasts a billiard room and large comfy couches where you can eat tappas and have cocktails. The dining room is beautifuly decorated and cozy. The food is very good. We tried lobster Mac and Cheese and Filet Mignon and it was superb. Unfortunatley the service is very very slow. What’s the rush? There isn’t a rush but when my beverage is empty for more than fifteen minutes I get cranky. All in all I would go back. Reservations are a must – they were quoting two hour wait times on a week night!

Filet Mignon

Very good, tender, filling, done perfectly

Wedge Salad

One word: Yummy


Quan's Kitchen

 30 Chauncy St
Mansfield, MA

Quan's is very good

I like Quan’s. They offer affordable combo plates and a wide variety of Chinese food. They deliver and they always give you something for free if you spend a certain amount. Their drivers are very nice and so are the owners. I am very partial to Alice’s Mandarin Taste in Sharon, but if I can’t get there then it is Quans.



 1 Pond St
Sharon, MA

Food is ok

But I waited longer than 40 mins for small cheese pizza and even when I told them I had to leave to pick up my son at daycare, they still moved at a snails pace. Not sure I’d go back.


Mandarin Taste Restaurant

 37 Pond St
Sharon, MA

I hate Chinese but LOVE Alice's

They are friendly and their food is fresh and quite tasty. I have never been a fan of Chinese but Alice’s swayed me. My husband loves Chinese so I went here to comprimise after hearing it was good. Good is an understatement. Though they have had “off” nights where we were not thrilled for the most part it has been great. They only use white meat chicken and high quality fresh ingredients. Their food is not greasy and they even have healthy options including brown rice. Give it a try. A really cute place to dine in as well. They will remember you too and appreciate your business.

Chicken Wings

There is nothing special about these wings. They have little in the way of seasoning but for some reason they are the BEST!

Teriyaki Chicken Sizzle Platter

Not as “asian” as you would think. Grilled chicken on a bed of sauteed broccoli and onions in a teriyaki sauce. Terrific over white rice.

Teriyaki Beef Sizzle Platter

Just as good as its chicken counterpart.

Pu Pu for 2

Everything you want in a pu pu platter and incredible homemade duck sauce!

Beef and Broccoli

The old standby – what can I say but YUM

Penking Raviolis

These are definitely homemade and are good, but they have an “off” flavor that I am not crazy about. My husband loves them. I love the sauce. I recommend giving them a try and judging for yourself.

Chicken Fried Rice

white boneless chicken in fried rice, tastes great, one of our favorites!

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