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I am from San Diego, but live in Tustin while I am a student at UCI. I’m slowly trying to explore Orange County food treasures. Meat opinions will be from my boyfriend as I have been a pescetarian for 3.5 years.


Waikiki Hawaiian Grill

 13771 Newport Ave Ste 10
Tustin, CA

I visited Waikiki Hawaiian Grill after a tip from a food ...

I visited Waikiki Hawaiian Grill after a tip from a food blog. The restaurant is small and tucked away in a shopping center. There were only three other parties while we were there, but our visit was only an hour after they opened. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you at the table. While we only ordered two Lunch Plates, they took longer than we expected probably because they were preparing a large order ahead of ours. The portions are very generous, but I thought the combination of meat with rice was a little bland and dry, as I prefer a variety of flavors and textures in my meal. Although I am not in a great hurry to go back, I would like to try their other dishes.

Chicken Katsu at Waikiki Hawaiian Grill

Chicken Katsu

This dish had so much chicken, just layers and layers of endless chicken! While the breaded coating was a little too crispy for my boyfriend’s liking, it was deliciously moist and not greasy at all. It came with a sweet katsu dipping sauce, which had the flavor of spicy, but not the heat. My boyfriend especially enjoyed the tangy and creamy macaroni salad that comes with the Lunch Plates.

Mahi Mahi at Waikiki Hawaiian Grill

Mahi Mahi

These fish filets were huge squares that were not greasy at all and had a very light and very crunchy bread coating. Eating these with the steamed rice required the accompanying tartar sauce because it ended up being dry without the tartar sauce. The macaroni salad did provide some moisture to what would have been a dry meal.

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