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It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.



 4718 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA

Enormous Pizza Slices

Talaricos is a peculiar pizza place.

In terms of ambiance it is dark with a slightly asian flavor (I think it was a chinese restaurant when they got the place and they didn’t bother to update some of the decor). There’s a fireplace, a little stage (that I’ve never seen used except as a waiting area when they get busy) and lots of high booths. They have lots of big screen TVs, which tend to have some sort of sporting event on ’em.

Foodwise, it’s solid. The core of their offering is the enormous single slices of pizza that they sell. 1 slice (with their tasty ceasar salad) is enough to fill up on. They have a mess of interesting toppings including a great spicy sausage, goat cheese, and more. The crust is east-coast-style thin, for the pizza snobs out there.

Pizza Slice

Great selection of enormous pizza slices.

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