Rum Kitchen

 324 U.S. 90
Waveland, MS

Unexpected delight!

Visiting from New England, I didn’t have high hopes for Rum Kitchen, a small store-front in a declining strip mall. My preconceived notions were toally off base. This place has some of the tastiest burgers around – and more!

Piggy burger

Take a wonderfully flavorful Angus beef burger (about 8 oz.), top it with cheddar cheese and a thick slab of ham, put it all on a hearty bun (after you’ve added the condiments & toppings of your choice), & you’ve got the closest thing to “Burger Heaven.”

RK Burger

Succulent Angus beef topped with BBQ sauce (homemade/secret recipe) and all the other good stuff mentioned in the Piggy burger. Just wonderful

Tacofecta Combo

Pick 3 tacos- we picked brisket, beef and “Holy Mole”…any combination will be perfect!

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