White Cloud Diner

 627 East River Street
Orange, MA

What a Difference!

I have previously reviewed this little diner, but ownership has changed…and so has just about everything else! The menu is filled with the quick and easy choices perfect for the customer base – locals and local workers looking for reasonably priced wholesome food. The restaurant has gotten a facelift with new seating, deep cleaning and a staff that is helpful, cheery and pleasant.

cheese omelette

A three-egg omelette loaded with my choice of cheese (cheddar, please)…home fried potatoes, side of bacon, wheat toast

Corned beef hash

Really homemade….offered as soft or crispy…wonderful!


Mahoney's Restaurant & Pub

 460 South Street
Athol, MA

New Addition

Four of us decided to try this new place for lunch yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. Our server, Patty, was pleasant and very efficient. The restaurant itself features a few high-backed wooden booths (almost like having a private dining nook!) and a separate open area with large tables. I think there’s a bar area, too, but we didn’t see it. I’d have given the whole experience another star if the dining area wasn’t so cold…would benefit from a space heater on chilly days.

New England Clam Chowder

My companions really enjoyed their chowder, although all agreed the dish, while loaded with potatoes and bacon, could have benefitted from more clams and a thicker broth.

French Onion Soup

Wonderfully rich broth with just the right amount of cheese and onion pieces. I think the crouton was actually diced wheat bread, but it was very tasty and melded well with the flavor of the soup.

Tuna Melt Panini

Overpacked with tuna, cheese and tomato and pressed into a panini…what’s not to like?

Ruben Panini

As thick as a deli sandwich, this was really tasty. Unfortunately, there was one really tough and chewy piece of beef in the middle of the sandwich. The pub chips were warm, fresh and really good.

4 cheese grilled panini

Provolone, cheddar, pepper jack and American cheese melted into an overflowing panini…a really good concept, but almost too much cheese. The fries were perfectly done-hot, crispy and not at all greasy.


Main Street Grill

 491 Main Street
Athol, MA

Nice Addition to Athol

After much too long, the Main Street Grill finally opened in the former location of Cinnamon’s. The beautifully renovated space boasts booths and tables in the front, together with counter service, and an additional dining area in the rear. The walls are decorated with the photos of a renown local fellow and provide wonderful conversation starters.


My companion’s meat-filled omelette was perfectly prepared and filled to the max. If anything could be said to be disappointing, it would be the home fried potatoes. They were barely warm and poorly seasoned.

Bacon, egg and home fries

The fries were oddly seasoned and undercooked. The bacon (and this is a personal preference of mine) was too lean and chewy.


Joey's Diner

 1 Craftsman Ln
Amherst, NH

Diner Food-Yum!

This is a deceptively large, exceptionally clean and tastefully decorated diner. The servers adeptly make their way through tables and booths while cheerfully bringing patrons excellent coffee, breakfast all day and a ton of expertly prepared meals.

Would have given 5 stars except for the sausage gravy not having much sausage in it and the condition of the ladies’ restroom. As for the latter, it is entirely too small. Opening the door blocks access to one stall. The door to the second stall bumps into the sink. It’s actually not possible to fully open the doors to either stall as they hit the toilet bowl. I’m an average-sized woman and wasn’t able to get in to one of the stalls!

Breakfast (senior)

Consisting of one egg, bacon, home fries and raisin toast, this was ‘just enough’ for my reduced appetite to handle. Everything arrived at the table hot and perfectly prepared. The coffee was excellent.

Corned beef hash

Excellent presentation of a very large ‘side order’ portion.

Biscuits and gravy

Husband said the dish could have been hotter and would have benefitted from having more sausage in the gravy.


Bonnie B's Country Kitchen

 204 Main Street
Greenfield, MA


Owned by the owner of the former Trail Toc Diner in Shelburne, this small downtown diner is in need of a lot of sprucing up and a bit more awareness on the part of the owner of the image she projects to her customers. An open kitchen is a nice concept, but it’s definitely not the place for chastising your help!

On the other hand, Tristan, our server, was a breath of fresh air. She was knowledgeable, attentive, and quite pleasant.

For a newly opened restaurant, this place is sorely in need of a facelift. The decor is sparse, the floor well-worn and there is a large hole in the wall over the front door where an exhaust fan once was.

We heard the owner complain to a patron that business had been slower than she expected, but that advertising costs money. There was ample publicity in the local newspaper when her former place closed and when news of this location opening was announced. Perhaps if she put more effort into her social media presence, things would improve.

Bacon, egg, home fries

Home fries were nice, fully cooked chunks of potato with minimal seasoning. The bacon, while a generous serving, was only of fair quality and slightly under-done. The scrambled egg tasted a bit off-as though it had picked up a taste of something else from

Bacon, eggs, hash, home fries and toast

The hash, while not bad, was unusual, consisting of beef that was shredded rather than completely incorporated with the remaining ingredients.


The Bread N Butta Diner

 681 Central Street
Leominster, MA

Mmm-mmm Good!

Located at the former Meola’s ice cream location, this little diner is off to a great start. Cheryl, the owner is in charge of the kitchen and her recipes are to die for! Formerly only open for breakfast and early lunch, they are in the process of adding full day service-including dinner.

We recently visited for breakfast and cannot wait to return. The prices are beyond reasonable; the restaurant is bright and inviting.

Spanish Omelette

Grilled chicken, jalapenos, onions, peppers, salsa wrapped in a fluffy 3-egg omelette. Served with home fries and toast. Really filling and spicy.

Swiss cheese omelette

Fluffy and light 3-egg omelette, accompanied by home fried potatoes (a bit on the tangy side) and toast. I also ordered a side of bacon, which was served nicely crisped (and a generous 5-slice portion, too!)


Rum Kitchen

 324 U.S. 90
Waveland, MS

Unexpected delight!

Visiting from New England, I didn’t have high hopes for Rum Kitchen, a small store-front in a declining strip mall. My preconceived notions were toally off base. This place has some of the tastiest burgers around – and more!

Piggy burger

Take a wonderfully flavorful Angus beef burger (about 8 oz.), top it with cheddar cheese and a thick slab of ham, put it all on a hearty bun (after you’ve added the condiments & toppings of your choice), & you’ve got the closest thing to “Burger Heaven.”

RK Burger

Succulent Angus beef topped with BBQ sauce (homemade/secret recipe) and all the other good stuff mentioned in the Piggy burger. Just wonderful

Tacofecta Combo

Pick 3 tacos- we picked brisket, beef and “Holy Mole”…any combination will be perfect!


French King Restaurant

 129 French King Hwy
Erving, MA


My previous review of this restaurant was 5-star, but the quality has deteriorated since the reopening. This morning’s breakfast was disappointing. The pancakes, while still massive, were covered with powdered sugar (not mentioned on the menu) and tasted more like birthday cake than pancake. The bacon accompanying the dish was limp and tasteless.

The presentation of two pieces of French toast was severely lacking – just two slices on a plate – not cut, no powdered sugar, barely a half-pat of butter.

Apparently there have been some changes in staff and perhaps that’s the reason for the decline. The woman who told us “Just sit where you want” was dressed in a rather shabby jacket and jeans with her hair unkempt. Our waitress, while better groomed, was far from attentive, not coming around with coffee refills, etc. I mention the appearance of the staff only from a ‘first impression’ standpoint. If the dining room staff is unkempt, I question the cleanliness of the whole operation. I do NOT mean to imply that the place is not clean or up to standards – only that the staff could use some attention to appearance.


Sharon's White Cloud Restaurant

 555 E River St
Orange, MA

Airport Diner - Not "Top Flight"

Located opposite Orange Airport, site of many special events (flea markets, car and engine shows, etc.), I expected this little place would be a cut above or at least on par with other diner-type area restaurants. Sadly, I was mistaken. Perhaps it’s because the business is now up for sale, but it seems as though the lady who runs the place just doesn’t seem to care enough to go beyond the very basics and, unfortunately, that shows in the dishes she serves.

With one juice and coffee for five (refills free) the total bill was $35.75…so we didn’t feel ripped off. Cheap food for cheap money.

Special #2

Two of us had this “special” consisting of two eggs, toast, either home fries or hash browns and kielbasa. The eggs were cooked perfectly. The bread was nothing special – supermarket Pepperidge Farm stuff with minimal butter and a limited offering of jellies. We weren’t offered a choice of potatoes by the waitress, but were served the hash browns – pathetic little patties like you’d get at McDonald’s or in your local grocer’s freezer.

Breakfast sandwich

Think of a sausage McMuffin. Now imagine that sausage McMuffin has been stepped on by an elephant. ’Nuff said.

Biscuits and gravy

My husband said the biscuits were good…but the gravy was pasty with broken up sausage patty in it and the scrambled eggs just laid on top of the gravy.

corned been hash

Might have been homemade….


Black Cow Burger Bar

 127 Avenue A
Turners Falls, MA

It DOES Get Better Than This!

This little place’s tag line is “Burgers…Beer…Wine…Chocolate It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better!” While I can’t speak to the beer and wine, I will say that the burgers are, based on my recent experience, nothing special, and the chocolates – at $18/lb. – didn’t appear to be all that special, either.

This is a pricey, sort of pretentious little place that may have a following among hipsters looking for a craft brew and some “Cowboy Caviar” (black bean, corn, tomato, jalapeno & red pepper salsa…served with tortilla chips), but it’s grossly overprices and not geared to a family clientele.

Angus Beef Burger

First off, let me say that the price above is only for the burger on a bun. I also added cheddar cheese ($1.00) and bacon ($1.00), so the true cost of the burger was $8.50. The meat was tasteless – not seasoned at all by the kitchen – and cooked a bit beyond the ‘medium’ I had requested. It was served on a warm, fluffy bun whose buttery taste almost overpowered the burger’s taste – not a good thing. There were no other garnishes on the plate. The menu noted that you were to ask for lettuce, tomato, onion and/or pickle…I assume those would be provided at no charge.

Shoestring Fries

Fresh cut, yes. Unfortunately, these fries were also on the soggy side, and more than a little limp. No amount of ketchup could salvage them.
There was, however, an ample amount for two to share in a small serving.

Burger with Toppings

My companion’s burger was of the same quality as mine, but I mention it separately to illustrate how dramatically the price jumps when you add only cheddar, bacon and jalapeno peppers…..All this for a burger that was less than 8 oz.!

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