Mr Sushi

 329 Harvard St
Brookline, MA

WORST thing since my first migraine!

Went to this place late on a weeknight, since there was still people there and it had been recommended by someone who used to go there a few years ago when they lived in the area. People at the door were really welcoming, and the atmosphere and presentation was authentic.

Mentioned to them not one thing was fresh, and it was like they had FORGOTTEN HOW to speak English all of the sudden… Mind you I was going to pay for the meal, so not looking for a free one, but they could not even offer a sorry or a sign of disappointment/remorse. Paid 19 bucks including tip and walked out, with the majority not even touched. For all I know, they will give that to the next guy, which is probably what happened to me!

I don’t know how the rest of the menu is and they may be okay. But avoid the sushi at this place. You can expect the sushi to make you as sick as my stomach felt for hours after and the whole 9 yards.

Definitely one of the worst sushi places in Boston area. Go to Kayuga… I have frequently been there every month over the past 8.5 years, not once did I have this type of experience. Basically put: your local supermarket sushi will be better than Mr. Sushi’s.

101 Sushi Deluxe

Meso soup tasted a bit too salty, but I was way too hungry to care. When my Sushi Deluxe came, I was surprised I had still not finished my soup…(that was quick!) so far not bad… then a horrible smell hit me from the plate. I thought it might be the soy sauce, or anything else but the sushi. Took a closer look, and things were not alarming at first but rather unusual. Then noticed the Nigiri Sushis looked rather dry, and the rice would fall off the soft crab Gunkan Maki (the only thing that was descent ).

Smelled and tasted the salmon. Although did not smell too much, it was as chewy as ika (squid). Had the squid or octopus, or I think that’s what it was, because from the smell and texture it was unlike anything else in the past, and not in a good way either. Then realized where the smell was coming from, the tuna? Yes of course, where was the color, the redness!?!

Smelled the other one, and the rolls, same thing. It was so bad, I could only try a role, to find out how bad it really was. By any means I am not a picky eater, but literally I could not touch the rest of it. Tried to have the shrimp, and that too, was so bad and old, I could not even force it down and had to take it out of my mouth. YES the shrimp, which is always your safest bet.

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