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I can’t say I’m a TRUE foodie as I do not devote my life to culinary enlightenment… However, my husband and I enjoy fine dining, great experiences, and matching the ambiance of a restaurant to our current mood.



 6227 Brookside Plaza
Kansas City, MO

Best Overall Dining Experience in a Long Time!

It all started when the ladies (dressed up) looked at the men (in jeans) and decided we must go somewhere casual that we had never been to before, and not too expensive. Julian completely blew us away for many reasons.

1. The server, Sebastian, was incredible. Friendly, prompt, and did a great job of explaining the menu and suggesting dishes.
2. We were very impressed with the pricing (I don’t know how anyone can call it expensive or overpriced as I’ve seen on other websites??????). To be able to get a true gourmet meal from a James Beard Award-winning Chef for $15 and desserts for $4 blew our minds. Meals at Houlihan’s are more expensive than that!!!! Portion sizes are not “small”. They are completely adequate, especially for the prices.
3. The fact that the owner and chef, Celina, came out to check on us at all (let alone 3 times) wrapped up and put the bow on our experience. I have never felt more appreciated for my business while dining.
4. Of course, the food. Interesting, flavorful…there wasn’t a morsel or scrap left on any of our plates. Our group ordered one of everything on the dessert menu and I LOVED the chocolate pudding with sea salt. Delicious.

People have talked about the decor being sub-par. Yes, it’s a little bit bare, but what that told us is that this restaurant is about the food, not about being fancy or flashy. We wanted unpretentious, and that is exactly what we got. We will absolutely be back and can’t wait to go again.

House-made Soft Pretzels and Mustards

The pretzels were delicious and definitely tasted “house-made”…I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced that before. The mustards were definitely interesting, however both of them were on the sweet-side. While I liked them, I prefer a more spicy mustard. The server was kind enough to suggest and bring out a dijon.

Campo Lindo Chicken and Dumplings

What a surprising twist on a country classic! The chicken was delicious and moist. The dumplings were very good…I could have used more as there were only 4, but it kind of made me savor them and appreciate them more in the dish instead of over-indulging. The pan sauce was just right…not overdone. Overall very good.

Chocolate Pudding with Ginger Donut

Fabulous! Having a made-from-scratch chocolate pudding was such an enlightenment when compared to my typical Sugar-Free Jello Pudding that I have at home. A sprinkling of coarse sea-salt on top gave it an interesting “bite” that was really refreshing. The donut was a donut…the ginger made it appealing and was of course great dipped in the pudding.

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I'm a sucker for pizza and guacamole! A good filet mingon always satisfies...
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Rachel Ray - I just like her quick meal ideas, and they're always great.
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Perfectly prepared medium petite filet with any kind of whipped potatoes, maybe some crispy onions, some type of jus or pan sauce and a magnum of Oregon pinot noir!
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