45 W 21st St
New York, NY


We decided to spend a New Year’s Eve at Duvet and purchased after-midnight tickets that would allow us entry into the club at 12:30 and enjoy the open bar until 2:00 a.m. Not a bad setup especially since we were coming from a restaurant where we had met New Year. We got in line sometime before 12:30 and waited until 1:15 to get into the club! It was cold and the greedy owners OVERSOLD their capacity and therefore patrons were let in on the basis of the number of people coming out. There were some people behind us who bargained to be let in before us by purchasing a $300 bottle of champagne from the venue (how crooked!). We waited and waited and finally were let in. It was madhouse inside! Dirty, sticky, drunk people stumbling around, the beds were BLACK with dirt. The bartender service was absolutely disgusting! They threw napkins in the faces of patrons and it seemed that there were only 2 or 3 available bartenders (on New year’s Eve!!!). The music was horrible – songs repeating over and over… The bar ran out of drinks and were serving some horrible martinis. Overall, this was by far the worst place to meet New Year. I have a feeling the club is not much better on other nights. My friends and I will NEVER be back to that place again…

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