Robongi on The Water

 4800 Ave At Port Imperial
Weehawken, NJ

Disgusitng experience! Rotton picked ginger and hair in rice

I ordered lunch box and as soon as I had a bite of roll, I noticed something smelled weird. It smelled like something like cosmetic and I realized it was coming from picked ginger, but it was so strong that the smell was already on other food. After two bites, I stopped eating and called the restaurant. The guy who picked up the phone said he was the owner with strong Chinese accent that I could barely understand what he was saying. When I explained what happened, he bluntly said “oh that’s not my fault, we dont make ginger here. We buy from company” Then he start babbling about how he pays a lot to get the ginger and he got a new box today and non relevant story of his that I am no way interested in. I told him how can you say that it’s not your fault when you are selling these to customer? Then he kept on babbling about he get it from other company. Then I got mad and told him, he needs to call the company and find out what happened with these. Then he lied saying that’s what he said. When I told him, that’s not what he said, rather he said that its not his fault, then he lied again saying he never said that. Giving customer rotten food is one thing, but when customer complain, instead of apologizing and showing intention to find out what went wrong and let the customer know, saying ‘its not my fault’ is most obnoxious thing I ever heard. On top of that he lied saying he never said it even though that was the first thing I heard him saying. It’s triple wrongs. When I asked if there is anyone who can speak English better, he said no one here speaks English. So disgusted by their rotten food, irresponsibility, lies, not being able to communicate at all with customer. I don’t know how to report this, but this restaurant should definitely reported for their rotten food to prevent others from getting sick! OMG and I was looking into this food again and I found small hair inside the rice!!! ewww disgusting!! Where can you report this? I just called the restuarant again and this guy is saying I am making this up after eating the food. OMG, I guess people only can think with their own standard. He thinks he lies, other people lie too. I was given disgusting food wth hair in the rice and was just told that I was lying. Infuriating!

B4. Beef Teriyaki Bento Box Special

Worsed I ever had

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