Renzios Greek Restaurant

 4690 S Yosemite St
Greenwood Village, CO

At least the ice machine works...

Every time my co-workers and I have gone to this supposed “hot spot” for lunch, we leave disappointed. I don’t know if it has to do with the employee’s bad attitudes, the unprepared food, or the lack of customer service.

But today was a new experience for us. We went to Renzio’s to find it basically empty. Between the 15+ minutes it took to get my already prepared food, at least 18 people entered and stood in line.

The three associates (I dare call them that), seemed annoyed people were coming in for food, didn’t greet them, were unfriendly and seemed frazzled by customers being in their location.

What is the f**##*ng point of having a restuarant if you’re not going to serve people!? There was no manager on duty and only three people (see, they’ve been taken down to what they truly are, re: former title, “Associate”). They were behind on all of their preparation, and REALLY behind on their quality of service.

The more people entered in (the line is curving around the restaurant now), the more the employees threw out attitude.

My advice, STAY AWAY! If you are in a good mood, you definitely do not want to go here, because they just might ruin your day. The food was poor, and just like the employee’s attitude, hard to swallow.


Oh – Another thing, trying to find their corporate website, because they ARE Incorporated, is impossible, I plan to call this location and ask for a manager to complain. This isn’t the last of this critique…


It was cold, poorly cooked and the ingredients were disgusting, I took two bites and threw it away.

The fries, they were okay, but what was really good was the iced tea and lemonade I had. That was perfect! Oh, along with the ice! We had top of the line ice cubes people! If you like ice, this is the place to go!

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