Golden Temple

 1651 Beacon St
Brookline, MA

Worst Service Ever

New Years Eve I place an order for delivery for two people at 6 pm. I was quoted an arrival time of 8 pm. At 8:15, I call to check on the status of my order and was told that it would now arrive at 8:45. I called a second time to double check on my food and was treated very rudely by the hostess and management staff and was told that they had my order but my food had never been made! The Assistant General Manager said that because they were busy that my food would have to go to the end of the list of deliveries and wouldn’t be sent until 9:45 pm. I told him that I was extremely unhappy and didn’t think I should pay for my dinner (coming two hours late). He claimed that they did not have the correct phone number to confirm my order. And thus it was my fault that the food didn’t get made. Now which is more likely? That I don’t know my own phone number, or that their staff wrote it down wrong? This ruined our night.

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